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Hard Rock Sunset

here are some cool photos I took while visiting my friend at The Hard Rock Casino in Tampa while he was down from NY. 


Animals at Busch Gardens

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share these beautiful photos of the animals at Busch Gardens when I went there last I saw a lot of animals that I normally don’t see close up. My son loves the lions and he got so close to the glass and was really brave to get that close even though there isn’t a way for them to get through. It’s still a little scary.

The funny part about this visit was while we were viewing the lions, two women started getting in a verbal fight over taking a picture. It was entertaining to say the least but the language these two were using were offensive in front of their own kids. But the lions turned and looked at them like, hey I thought we were in the cage?

Hope you enjoy the pictures and my story.








Brevard Zoo, Florida

Here is some of my shots from the trip to the Brevard Zoo. There was quite a few exhibits there and animals I have never seen before. If you’re ever in Florida on the east coast visiting Cocoa beach, take a trip to the Brevard Zoo. It’s a really nice and different kind of Zoo.

Hope all is well.



I am posting on my page here and I found out within the last hour through twitter that Robin Williams died this morning. It is really hard to realize that someone I grew up watching on tv and in the movies is gone. Sometimes we think the people we see on the screen last forever, but they are mortals and also, human. They make mistakes and live lives just like the rest of us. So however these people move on from this world is their own business. It’s hard to get help when you have the world looking at you through a magnified glass.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Robin and his loved ones.









Happy New Years!!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t post anything recently. It’s been busy here with the holidays and the new year and the fact both my kids are born the first week of January and my parents were in town. Wow what a busy few weeks! I can’t believe I made it through it. I have been really working on pulling the strings for my acting career right now as well. I am trying to network and work towards my goals this year in 2014 so please wish me good luck and pray for me. 😀 I will keep you all updated with the things I am working on in the future and keep in mind that I love my dreams and I am really working my butt off to support my family and focus on the things that matter to me and my family.

Here is a photo from New Years that I took with my canon 60d. Hope you all enjoy the new year and that it is prosperous for you as it will be for me.

Thanks again for following me.