Tea Break

‘Maria Hill: We get into a situation like this again, what happens then?

Nick Fury: They’ll come back.

Maria Hill: You really sure about that?

Nick Fury: I am.

Maria Hill: Why?

Nick Fury: Because we’ll need them to. ‘ – The Avengers.

Be still my beating heart, before you beat right outta my chest. So, on the 28th of last month the little super nerd in me came out to squeal and happy dance for a while. Why, do I hear you ask? MARVEL FINALLY ANNOUNCED PHASE THREE! Oh my days, you don’t even understand how much this excites me! I feel like my life is complete! (No, I am not crazy…) Anyhow, I thought I’d give you a run down of what was announced, just in case for some terrible reason, like you’ve been locked in your room with no way to communicate with the rest of…

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